How to add a New Domain in cPanel

In this article, we shall be learning how to add a new domain to your sitecountry provided cPanel easily.

The steps requried are as follows:

1.First of all login to the dashboard and go to your service and then login to your account's cPanel. If you know your cPanel credentials then you can directly visit the cPanel using your cPanel login URL, username and password.

2. After you are logged into cPanel From the Domains section, click on Addon Domains.

3.Enter the domain name you would like to add – you don’t need to enter “www” or "https" before the domain.

4.The Subdomain and Document Root fields will be auto generated. The default auto generated values are recommended.

5.(Optional – if you don’t need an FTP account, skip to step 6) To create an FTP account associated with the addon domain, simply click the checkbox next to that option.

6.Click Add Domain.


You should have now successfully added a new domain as a Addon Domain in your hosting cPanel.


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