How to Get Free SSL Certificate from Sitecountry for Your Website

We recommend all sites utilize HTTPS, as it has a lot of additional benefits beyond security.

Below we highlight what an SSL certificate is, how it works, and how to set up SSL with any Sitecountry plan at no cost. Most other hosted eCommerce solutions or hosting companies will have you purchase and charge you hundreds of dollars every year for an SSL certificate. If you are a small to mid-sized business there is no need to purchase an SSL certificate and pay for its installation. 

Install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates

There are various free SSL Certificate options available on the internet today. The most popular option for free SSL is being spearheaded by the Let’s Encrypt initiative — an open collaboration between a number of global organizations dedicated to creating a more secure and privacy-respecting web by issuing digital certificates needed for sites to secure their network traffic. Millions of companies, nonprofits, and public sector entities use Let’s Encrypt certificates to create a secure connection with Web users all across the world.

The Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is trusted by all major browsers & devices. Visitors will recognize that their personal data, such as credit cards or emails, are properly encrypted.

Our team was paying close attention to the Let's Encrypt initiative since the very beginning. It is hardcoded into our values to offer our customers cutting edge technological innovations and high-quality assistance and we are extremely proud to be part of the huge Let’s Encrypt community. 

Setting up SSL with our Let’s Encrypt integration is extremely easy. Make sure your domain is pointed to Sitecountry before proceeding.

You have to update your domain nameservers to sitecountry before insatlling SSL cetificate with us.

Once you have updated the nameservers it takes 15-30 minutes for them to update because the dns is propagated throughout the world.

Now once you nameservers are updated after waiting 15-30 minutes then your domain is connected to sitecountry’s hosting.


Login to your sitecountry cPanel and there go to SSL/TLS status option (in the security section of cpanel) .

Tick all the domains for which you want to install SSL certificates.

The best method is to tick the top box as it will select all the domains.

Once ticked, click RUN AUTOSSL.

Wait for 5-10 minutes on the screen and the screen will autoload itself once 

the ssl is installed.

Now SSL is successfully installed on the domain we connected.

Now a user can install Wordpress, Magento, Zoomla etc easily using Softaculous apps installer.


For more information about the Let’s Encrypt project and how it works, visit their official website.

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